SHANDONG AKCESERVIS CONTROLS CO.,LTD equipment company is a sino-Korea joint venture, which is highly specilised in the development, producing and sell of actuators of automatic control valves and corresponding accessories. In particular, scotch yoke type connection that can output higher torque is adopted in the connection between output shaft and piston of pneumatic valves. The manufacturing technology is based on Korean’s over 20 years matured manufacturing and marketing experience and the quality has been examined by a large amount of international users from international market.

AKCESERVIS' s  product engineers are highly professional. The technique of some products of its full line of pneumatic control products are optimized appropriately to better satisfy customers' pattern of use. It is expected to help customers to complete highly efficient, low cost automated solution in fields like chemical engineering, energy sources, power industry, metallurgy and environmenal protection, providing cost-effective solutions for the most complicated flow requirement.